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BBCs Sherlock – Case by Case Review

Just rewatched all Sherlock Episodes this week after binging Season 3 last weekend.
Short Review of every Episode:

Season 1

Episode 1: “A Study in Pink”
Love the way Sherlock and Watson get to know each other and how the hilarious dynamic between them starts to build up.

Episode 2: “The Blind Banker”
Don’t really like the asian theme of the episode. Not my favourite.

Episode 3: “The Great Game”
Very intense episode with sick cliffhanger at the end.

Season 1 Overall

Season 2

Episode 1: “A Scandal in Belgravia”
Hilarious banter between “the woman” and Sherlock. Probably my favourite episode as of yet!

Episode 2: “The Hounds of Baskerville”
Really missing London in this episode. Also don’t really like the techy theme. My least favourite!

Episode 3: “The Reichenbach Fall”
Moriarty at its best. Great episode! And again even more brutal cliffhanger.

Season 2 Overall

Season 3

Episode 1: “The Empty Hearse”
I was afraid they would screw Season 3 up with all the big expectations. But then, what a comeback episode! Lot of hilarious comic relief.

Episode 2: “The Sign of Three”
Love the wedding theme and the Sherlock best man speech flashback format. Found the main case in this episode a little bit weird though.

Episode 3: “His Last Vow”
I really liked Magnussen as the sick villain, but he got burned a little bit too fast for my taste. Of course there is again a cliffhanger waiting at the end.

Season 3 Overall