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News Digest Week 35 of 2014

This is the first try of a new blog format. The idea is to post up to 5 most interesting things I found during the week with a short commentary, that might interest others as well. Here we go.

1. Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript

Reactive Extensions for JavaScript Logo

Reactive Extensions for JavaScript Logo

Just the latest buzzword or here to stay as an interesting new programming paradigm?
I don’t know yet, but I really loved this talk about ‘functional reactive prorgamming’ by Bodil Stokke.
It inspired me to play a bit around with The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript library.


What every hipster should know about functional reactive programming

2. Advanced JavaScript Objects

 * @param {string} newType
Product.prototype = {
     * @return {string}
    get type () {
      return this.prefix_ + ": " + this.type_;
     * @param {string}
    set type (newType) {
      this.type_ = newType;

Very nice write up of the more advanced and often unused Object API features by Bjorn Tipling. Also some forward looks of what will come with ECMAScript 6.


3. Amazon buys Twitch logo logo

Amazon (Jeff “compete with everyone” Bezos) bought for $970 million in cash this week.
The interesting thing here for me is not how this will play into Amazon’s content or advertising network strategy, but how this shows the rise of e-sports as a more and more serious trend.
For me e-sports is an area currently still super underestimated by the mainstream, that will grow immensely in the next 5-10 years.


4. Craft Beer Seminar

Franconian Craft Beer 'End of World'

Franconian Craft Beer ‘End of World’

On Saturday I had a really good time with friends at a craft beer brew seminar at “Hertl Braumanufaktur” with its passionate 24 year old founder, brew master and beer sommelier ‘David Hertl’.
If you live in the northern bavarian/franconian area or plan to visit, I can highly recommend it 🙂

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